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Do you want more positive energy in your life?  Positive life transformations? More balance and vitality? Less stress? To be healthier and more fit? Want to be more focused? More creative, organized and productive? Do you desire increased success and prosperity? More harmonious and loving relationships?  A healthier and more relaxing home and work environment? Do you want positive life transitions? Do you want to know or advance your life purpose? Your career and retirement goals? Do you seek a more fulfilling life that you truly enjoy?

Joan Lemont has been providing quality holistic services for over two decades. Her gentle yet powerful integrated natural and holistic approach and solutions for many common healthy lifestyle issues have improved the lives of many in the United States and other countries. Our holistic services are tailored to the needs of each unique client.

Our services include a natural and holistic approach to healing, wellness and self-development based on sound knowledge, research and wisdom. We use integrated non-invasive modalities to release, balance and restore the energies within and create environmental harmonization. We specialize in relief of stress symptoms, mood balancing, pain and fear release, self-development, nutritional, fitness and healthy home education and support,  feng shui -environmental harmonization and real estate - home staging for buyers, sellers and realtors. We can help reverse the effects of concerns and negative impact caused by poor lifestyle habits and create a healthy and successful home and life. At PositivelyJoan Natural and Holistic Lifestyles, we believe in promoting wellness through natural prevention and healing and the creation and maintenance of a positive and vibrant lifestyle and a healthy, sustainable environment.

Consultations offered include:

  • Private Sessions
  • Group and Corporate
  • Workshops, Classes and Seminars 
  • Retreats
  • Phone/distance Consults 

Harness the natural healing power of your body, mind, and spirit


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